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the new pad

So the lease on the new apartment is signed, and I have keys!

Unfortunately since it’s unfurnished — or what they call here “semi-furnished” (?) — I can’t move in properly until the bed and mattress that I bought this weekend have been delivered. Hopefully within a day or two.

After 2 months of living in a hotel room, I am more than ready to get a place of my own! Especially since the hotel is next to a building site, and Indian construction workers work mighty hard — I was woken at 7am today (Sunday) by them banging away.

The new place is really big (3 bedrooms), and actually way above my original budget… I’m not entirely sure that I’m not making a mistake. But I’ve spent the last 5 years living in small boxy flats with no private outdoor space, and this new place has 3 or 4 balconies and a private roof terrace which I’m itching to turn into a garden.

The neighbourhood is great too — relatively quiet and leafy with a few small parks, and good local shops. And most important of all, I can walk home from work in about 35 minutes. There’s even a chance I might even be able to resurrect my running regime, although I’ll have to go out just after dawn when the air pollution’s at its lowest.

So… another big entry on the to-do list is ticked off. Next up is buying furniture and I’m bored of that already, after spending my entire weekend in department stores. I’m half tempted just to buy garden furniture and live outside… until I remember the mosquitoes, and the fact that the monsoon will arrive in 3 months.

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