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Electro-Acoustic Walkway: Space to Hear Yourself Think

Commission April/May 2005, for Falkirk Council & The Park Gallery, Falkirk, Scotland.

Performed at "Big in Falkirk" street arts festival, Callendar Park, Falkirk, 30th April and 1st May 2005.

shedsonic sensors I was Commissioned by Rick Bamford of Essential Music for All to design and program a device that would allow a roland SP-606 sampler to be controlled by a shed. Six sheds, in fact, each one produced by a different artist or group.

mirror shed This was the culmination of a public art project looking at what ordinary people get up to in their sheds. Found sounds from local participants were loaded onto a sampler in each shed, along with an amplifier and speakers.

Each device comprised a BASIC stamp microcontroller with an ultrasonic sensor to detect proximity of audience members, triggering random sounds on the sampler via MIDI.

falkirk flyer