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A regular feature of everyday life in Bangalore, and apparently much of the rest of India, is the power cuts.  Since yesterday we’ve been having one thunderstorm after another, and somehow whenever there’s heavy rain we seem to get power outages to go with it.  Most of last night the power was off, and it was still off when I got up this morning.  Given that it’s Good Friday and I’ve got a day off work, it was a big […]

Pondy and Beyond

  The last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful for me, with a lightning trip to our Calcutta campus to sort out some business for a couple of days, immediately followed by a short break in Pondicherry, an enclave of Tamil Nadu on the East coast. Pondy is a lovely place, a former French colony and still carrying many traces of those times, from the street signs in French and Tamil, to the menus in the restaurants including Steak-Frites […]

Indian Summer

Here’s today’s BBC weather forecast for Bangalore: …and it’s been almost exactly the same since the beginning of March. We’re well into Summer now, and it’s HOT! Today was around 35 degrees, with no wind and humidity around 12%. Baking, dry heat… and everyone tells me that Bangalore is a pleasant climate compared to most of India, so I guess I should think myself lucky! (Yes, I’m obsessing about the weather again. I was fantasising about walking barefoot on lush […]

Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2011, from Bangalore.


I’m now in transit. Currently sitting in my parents’ house in Wales, where we’ve just had an early Christmas get-together. I left Edinburgh on Monday and fly to Bangalore on Thursday. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster-ride… lots of finishing off to do, people to see, drinks to drink, and the occasional panic attack and serious second thoughts. Clearing out my flat turned out to be way, way harder than I thought it would […]

Today I bought a ticket…

Today I bought a plane ticket to Bangalore, India. One way. This is the culmination of several months of negotiating and planning and phone calls and form-filling… finally leading to the offer of a new job teaching at a college in Bangalore. Last week I was finally granted my employment visa, and this morning I bought the plane ticket.  Of course, this is only the end of the beginning – I actually start work on 20th December. Reality is now […]