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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Chapter 2

  Right then—I’m back in India! The 4 weeks back home in the UK flew by incredibly quickly, and sadly I spent the last 12 days down with a nasty virus and doing very little apart from coughing, sleeping and experimenting with various flu remedies. ¬†Many of my grand plans for visiting friends fell by the wayside. I left the UK just as the first major snow-fall of the winter was arriving. ¬†7 hours later I was in Dubai looking […]

OK 2013

It’s 2013—Happy New Year! Changes are definitely on the cards here… my new employment visa was granted yesterday, my plane ticket is booked and I’m off to Delhi in 2 weeks. Meanwhile I’m making the most of being back in the UK, seeing family and lots of friends, eating great food and drinking nice beer. Here’s to all the new opportunities in the year ahead!