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Monthly Archives: February 2011

…and Rain

OK so my last post was titled “A place in the sun” and I ended by talking about the Monsoon. I might’ve known that would bring the rain… It’s 9pm, pitch black, and it’s bouncing down just now — a proper tropical downpour. Apart from a few drops once in January, this is the first time it’s rained since I arrived over 2 months ago. Not only is it throwing it down, but the electricity went off around 7.30 so […]

A Place in the Sun

So the lease on the new apartment is signed, and I have keys! Unfortunately since it’s unfurnished — or what they call here “semi-furnished” (?) — I can’t move in properly until the bed and mattress that I bought this weekend have been delivered. Hopefully within a day or two. After 2 months of living in a hotel room, I am more than ready to get a place of my own! Especially since the hotel is next to a building […]

So Far, So Good

Amazingly, I’ve been in Bangalore for 7 weeks now. Time is flying by, and we’re already half way through the teaching term at college. It’s tempting to keep counting days and weeks, in a Robinson Crusoe kind of way, but it’s more interesting to reflect on the on-going, qualitative, psyschological changes that I’ve noticed. After about a month, I was on my way to work and suddenly realised that things felt “normal”. There’s something I once read about it taking […]