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Festive 50 Part 3: 30-21

Indian food is fantastic!   Coming from the UK I already knew the cuisine pretty well, especially after living in Leicester which has a very large South Asian population.  But since living here I’ve discovered much more about it and have enjoyed it even more.  For me, the food is one of the best things about living here. South India is paradise for vegetarians too.  I do eat fish occasionally, but I mostly eat “veg” here and it’s a real […]

Festive 50 Part 2: 40-31

And so, from Birds to Words. As a foreigner, one of the things you notice when moving here is that the English language has followed its own evolutionary path since the time of “British India”.  This can bring amusement, bemusement or confusion, but usually joy of some sort.  As someone who’s interested in languages anyway, I love it. Anyway, here are 10 words and expressions that I’ve encountered so far — again in no particular order. #40: Lakh (and Crore) […]

Festive 50 Part 1: 50-41

It’s almost the end of the year, which as everyone knows is when you’re supposed to make lists. So, in loving memory of one of my all-time heroes, the late and very-much missed John Peel, I’m going to write up my own “Festive 50” — in my case a list of 50 notable things about India — over the next few days.  Unlike Peel’s 50, these aren’t really in any particular order… Anyway, 50-41 are Birds. I’m a big nature-lover […]


It’s exactly a year since I arrived in India. Almost impossible to believe that 12 months can fly by so quickly.

Moving On

So, after being in my current apartment for nearly 11 months, I’m going to have to move again — or “shift” in the local vernacular — partly because the landlord wanted to put the rent up, and partly because I’ve realised I need to move somewhere cheaper anyway. The place I’m in now has been great, but it’s huge and I only use half of it. It’s also way more expensive than what I’d been budgeting for, but I was […]