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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Small Things #7

Delhi, February. About 7.30am, and I’m just heading out the door to go to work.   I hear the hoot of a train from the nearby track. Only it sounds different: three rising tones rather than two. Or the more common long, single, plaintive note. I think to myself how it sounded like a trombone. I carry on walking past the park and hear it again.  Odd. As I turn the corner, in front of me is a man in […]


So here we are then.  I’m now a Dilliwala—a resident of Delhi. The past 3 weeks have been a bit hectic and complicated, given that I started a new job while living in a hotel, and meanwhile had to find a new apartment within 14 days and register the address at the Foreigners Registration Office.  But I managed it, and this time it’s an order of magnitude easier than when I first arrived in India 2 years ago, when I […]