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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The New Normal

  I’ve been living in Delhi for 3 months now, and everything seems to have become “normal” quite quickly, at least compared with when I first arrived in India over 2 years ago.  Some things have normalised remarkably fast; some of them less so.   An example of the former would be the daily commute to and from work on the metro, which has changed  from: being an empowering novelty—Independence!  Efficient, clean, reliable public transport at last! (Are you listening, […]


Here Comes the Summer

  Right then, here comes the Summer.  The ultimate test.  Maybe. When I arrived in Delhi in January 2013 it was surprisingly cold.  Even for seasoned Dilliwalas it was something to talk about… supposedly the coldest winter for 40 years. As the Times of India commented back in January: For nine straight days since December 31, the capital hasn’t seen temperatures rise above 16 degrees Celsius and the minimum has remained below 6 degrees. Taking these two temperature limits as cutoff, […]