Two Years


Well, I made it.  It’s exactly 2 years since I arrived in India.

And I’m just about to leave Bangalore.  My last day at work is tomorrow, and then I have one more day after that to finish sorting things out before I fly back to the UK for a few weeks.

The last couple of months have gone by really fast, and inevitably I still have a mental list of “things I never did” while I was in Bangalore.  I’m sure I’ll be back here at some point though.

I’m really looking forward to some proper time off, and to seeing family and friends again after so long.  I’ve only been out of India once this whole time, and that was 3 days in Singapore for a training course.

Then after the break I’ll be flying back to India in mid-January to start all over again, this time 1000 miles further North, in Delhi.


Bangalore to Delhi


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