Monsoon Clouds Arrive

So the monsoon has arrived, it’s now officially “Rainy Season”, and the weather has cooled down quite nicely.

I have to say that when I was reading weather reports and predictions for when the monsoon would arrive, I was either picturing some huge, monolithic weather system arriving here at a particular moment, or the onset of glorious warm rain and everyone feeling glad to be out in it — if not dancing in the street like they do in Bollywood movies.

In the end it arrived in Bangalore quietly this week… suddenly the sky is full of grey rainclouds, and a South-Westerly breeze has set in. This is the best bit — apart from cooling things down, it makes it possible to sit out on my balcony in the evenings without worrying about mosquitoes.

weather forecast

Mornings and evenings are very pleasantly cool now, and even mid-day is tolerable since it’s now well under 30 degrees every day — whereas back in March it was more like 35.

Ironically, we’ve hardly had any rain at all yet, whereas for most of April and May we had two or three big thunderstorms a week. I filmed the start of one of them recently… I was enjoying watching the lightning going horizontally across the sky rather than down to the ground.



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