Getting There

Obligatory 'Bull in Traffic' shot

OK… I’m about a week and a half in now, and I think the initial shock and fatigue have mostly worn off.

All the things I’d been expecting to find seem to be true, and then some… the noisy and chaotic traffic, the warmth of the people, the in-your-face poverty, the amazing food, the colours and the smells and the intensity. Actually the traffic is way worse than I’d expected — but more on this later.

Bit of a cliché perhaps, but it does seem like it’s all about contrasts and extremes.

I’ve also been settling in to my new teaching job, fortunately arriving just as the students started their term break, so there’s been time to get to know staff and procedures, as well as sorting out my residency permit, bank account and so on.

Top of my To-Do list now is finding accommodation.

Onwards and upwards.

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