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Festive 50 Part 4: 20-11

So I started a “Festive 50″countdown just before Christmas, but didn’t get to the end of it yet… mainly because I’ve been working absolutely flat-out at college since the start of January, and I’ve just been utterly exhausted. Plus I couldn’t decide on the categories for the last 20… :P Anyway, after Birds, Words and Food, here comes Part 4…  LIFE. Here are 10 of the most notable ways in which life has changed since moving to India. #20: Weather A […]

Sonia and Nick

One of the things I’ve realised about expat life is that people regularly come and go.  But two of the people who’ve recently left our college, and Bangalore itself, will be particularly missed. Sonia and Nick were the only other British lecturers in the college, and not only did they help me to settle into life in Bangalore, but they also provided much-needed cultural reference-points, and even got most of my rubbish jokes which would have been lost on everyone […]


There was a state-wide Bandh in Karnataka today — a kind of protest, curfew and general strike, which meant that shops, restaurants and pretty much everywhere was closed all day. My fellow lecturers and I had planned to go and see the degree show at Srishti, but that was closed too. So we ended up whiling away the day at a swanky hotel, eating a long slow buffet lunch out on the terrace. It was pretty full, presumably because it […]

Here, Now.

So I arrived safe and sound in Bangalore 4 days ago. My first time in India. Since then so much has passed through my brain (not to mention my nose and lungs) that I’ve felt incapable of blogging about any of it. It’s pretty overwhelming. In the meantime, I’ve added some fairly long comments to my flickr pics as I upload them… I need to work out a system for doing this and blogging at the same time. I just […]