Here, Now.

So I arrived safe and sound in Bangalore 4 days ago. My first time in India.

Since then so much has passed through my brain (not to mention my nose and lungs) that I’ve felt incapable of blogging about any of it. It’s pretty overwhelming.

In the meantime, I’ve added some fairly long comments to my flickr pics as I upload them… I need to work out a system for doing this and blogging at the same time.

I just started my new job today. All seems good, with a small team of really friendly people and a good space to work in. But I’ve arrived just as most of the other lecturers are leaving for their xmas break.


  1. Mark

    22 December, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Hello my old friend.
    I might say Aloha, but that all seems so far in the past.
    I’m totally impressed by your choice. I imagine you are having second thoughts. Or at least that your conscious mind is saying that you have. While inside you are enacting strategies to get on with it.

    I’ve made a couple of brave-sounding choices in my life: Brussels, Palo Alto, VSO, France. You always knew how to out-bastard me. Bastardo! (I wonder if this means my comment will get spammed?)

    I can’t believe this is your _first_ time in India. I notice that part of me is very jealous. Not really of being in India but of the opportunity to reinvent one’s self so totally and adventurously. And I realise much of this might be in my head– as I don’t have much of your actual experience to go on. And that of course is why I’m here.

    I want more. And, maybe one day, to sit with you again, and drink, and hear stories.

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