Sonia and Nick

Sonia and Nick

One of the things I’ve realised about expat life is that people regularly come and go.  But two of the people who’ve recently left our college, and Bangalore itself, will be particularly missed.

Sonia and Nick were the only other British lecturers in the college, and not only did they help me to settle into life in Bangalore, but they also provided much-needed cultural reference-points, and even got most of my rubbish jokes which would have been lost on everyone else.  They were also two of the first teaching staff to arrive at the college, so they knew pretty much everything about what had happened, and why, and to whom… This meant that they were both an extremely valuable source of institutional knowledge.  Not to mention gossip….

Thank you both, for all your support, handy tips, assistance with culture-shock, advice on getting things done in India (you could write a book on this), introducing me to some lovely local people, places to eat/drink/shop… and all the rest.

Nick is back in London now doing his MA, while Sonia’s about to start a new teaching job in Bournemouth.  Exciting new chapters guys, and I wish you all the very best for the future.





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